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What can I expect from my volunteer experience?

Once you have contacted the agency, find out all the details of your volunteer opportunity.

- When and where? Who do I report to? How much time do I need to commit?

- Do I need to attend training meetings?

- What do I need to wear and bring with me?

- How do I get there? Is there parking/bus routes/wheel chair friendly?

- Will there be background checks or references needed before I start volunteering?

- Will I receive benefits such as references or recognition awards?

When you commit to volunteering, remember that the agency is counting on you. Be sure to:

- Find out about the agency or organization. Review its website, read past   newsletters or annual reports.

- Attend orientations, training and meetings.

- Follow policies and procedures.

- Know who your supervisor is and ask questions.

- If you work with clients, keep all client information confidential.

- As a volunteer, you represent the organization to the public. Reflect them in a   positive manner.

- Reconsider your activities with the organization if you are in disagreement.

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