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Why do I volunteer?

There are so many reasons to volunteer your time, energy and knowledge. We help individuals and groups of all kinds find the right opportunities.

Here's what some of our volunteers have to say.

How do you get a job without experience? How do you get experience without a job?
Volunteering your time to organizations around Boulder County can give you valuable experience to list on your resume, your college application, or your own personal list of "things I've done." Whether you're a student, just entering the workforce, or looking for a career change, we can help you find the right opportunity. Have a great skill yourself? You can volunteer and use your expertise to teach others!

"I'm elated with the grant writing opportunity that Volunteer Connection found for me, and I'm using my skills for the community's benefit. Volunteer Connection helped me realize my dream of transitioning from a technology career to writing for nonprofits. I couldn't be happier!" D. Somerston, on his grant writing experience with The Living School.

Want to meet new friends and make new connections? Do something you love!
New to town? Single? Looking to make new connections and network with people in the community? Volunteering can help you meet people with the same interests that you have. Whether you want to help protect our open space, or want to be involved in the local art scene, Volunteer Connection can help you find the right volunteer opportunity.

"Before I was married, I lived in many cities across the U.S. By joining local nonprofits, not only was I able to support causes important to me, but I was able to acquaint myself with the community, network, participate in great social events, and meet my best friends." Kay Harmsen.

Wishing you could spend more quality time with your family?
Kids, teens, adults and grandparents can together help make our community a better place. Volunteer Connection is a resource to help inspire the whole family.

"Volunteering at the Holiday Food Basket Program and at the Farmer's Market have been wonderful ways for my family to spend quality time together. The Holiday Food Basket program, especially, helped my kids to understand that not everyone in Boulder County is affluent, and that even kids can help out and make a difference. We're all looking forward to doing it again." Tom Ellison.

A little extra time can go a long way.
If you find yourself with extra time after retirement, your time and expertise is the best gift you could give. From clerical work, to computer skills, to expertise's like accounting, marketing, and legal skills, Volunteer Connection can help find a position where you can share your skills, or even learn new ones.

"Now that I am retired I have extra free time and have the opportunity to put it to good use. By working at the offices of the Volunteer Connection in Longmont and Boulder, I have been able to transfer my corporate experiences to the nonprofit sector. The staff has offered me many opportunities to contribute to their organization and help me find additional opportunities with other agencies." Sarah Jane Snyder

Want to find a rewarding project for a group? No problem.
From faith based groups to Kiwanis clubs to astronomy clubs, we can find the right volunteer opportunity for your group. We'll help you find organizations that match your interests and values, and you'll have a memorable and rewarding time.

"P-3 has arranged for a Raising the Barn day. There are 60+ volunteers coming out to build several horse shelters, and rebuild corral fencing. Food and materials are being donated. Wow! Unbelievable!!! Thanks to Volunteer Connection!" Diane Kennedy, Medicine Horse Program.

Does your youth or school group have community service requirements to fulfill?
Volunteer Connection is a resource for school counselors, teachers, honor societies, sororities, fraternities and more! Local volunteer projects promote learning, build kids' self-esteem, and teach the art of giving - as well as fulfilling community service requirements. Projects can be arranged both in and out of the classroom.

"People don't usually associate volunteering with teens, but the kids at Fairview High School are really into giving back to the place where they live." A junior-class student at Fairview High School

Corporate volunteering gives back to your community.
Volunteer Connection can help you create and administer a full scale corporate volunteer program for your corporation. Give back to your community, boost your brand image, and give your employees something to be proud of!

"The Volunteer Connection's support of Sun Microsystems' employee volunteer program is incredible! Sun employees gave nearly 7,000 hours of volunteer service benefiting 150 Boulder County/Denver-area nonprofits last year, all coordinated through the Volunteer Connection. The Volunteer Connection helps Sun fully realize our commitment to community volunteerism." Clif Harald, Colorado Corporate Affairs Manager, Sun Microsystems

See the Volunteer Connection Volunteer Profiles!

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