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Team/Group Participation

7th Annual I Volunteer! Day

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If participating as a group or team, please select a Team Captain for your group as well as a Team Name.

Each Team Member, including the Team Captain, must submit an Individual Volunteer Registration Form. There will be space for each member to indicate what group or team s/he is participating with and who their Team Captain is. Based on team size, we can then determine if we can place your team together at one Project Site.

As the Team Captain of your group, you will:

1) Serve as the primary contact for communications between Volunteer Connection and your team. You'll be the point person.

2) Register online and indicate Employer or Group/Team Name as well as indicate yourself as the Team Captain.

3) Ensure that each team member is registered. Team members will have space provided to indicate Employer or Group/Team Name as well as indicate their Team Captain.

4) As the event approaches, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Connection Ambassador. You will confirm the team size with the Ambassador. The Ambassador will provide you with Project details such as Project Site, address, directions, supplies that volunteers may need to bring with them or any special instructions. You can then communicate these details to your team.

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