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Volunteer Connection's 7th Annual I Volunteer! Day

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Registration Deadline Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Volunteer! Day takes place each April in conjunction with National Volunteer Week, Earth Day and Arbor Day. This year's event is on Saturday, April 17. The event epitomizes what Volunteer Connection has been doing for 41 years - connecting volunteers with volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Connection's annual I Volunteer! Day is a Serve-A-Thon; a countywide celebration of community service engaging hundreds of volunteers at numerous project sites throughout Boulder County. It is Volunteer Connection's primary fundraiser and allows us to promote volunteerism, engage our communities and raise funds to support our year round programs. This event also provides an opportunity for individuals, families, groups, businesses and corporations to get out into their communities, learn about various nonprofit and government agencies that serve Boulder County and give something back; while having a great time. Join us for the 7th annual I Volunteer! Day.

You, along with more than 300 other enthusiastic volunteers will lend a hand to benefit over 20 local community nonprofit and service agencies by completing projects that have been on their "wish lists." Painting, building, cleaning, landscaping and restoration are just a few of the tasks you will be helping agencies tackle. It's fun, rewarding and only takes four hours*. However, those four hours will have a huge impact because together we will devote over 1,200 hours of service, all in one day, before lunch! What we will accomplish on this morning would otherwise take one person working full-time over 6 months to complete! Register now and make a pledge to volunteer and support volunteerism.

Serve-A-Thon & Pledge Details

Volunteers (age 18 and older) are asked to make a minimum pledge of $20 per participant to participate in I Volunteer! Day.

Obtain your pledge by inviting others to sponsor your four-hour Serve-a-Thon (similar to a Bike-a-Thon or a Walk-a-Thon).  Sponsors may include friends, family members, teachers/professors, co-workers, business connections, fellow congregants, and/or anyone else in your “sphere of influence.” Pledges made in support of your four hours of service will help support Volunteer Connection's year-round efforts to connect community members with community needs. Prizes will be awarded to those raising the most pledges.

*Note: The Habitat for Humanity and Wildlands Restoration Volunteers projects will require a full day.

Download pledge form.

Celebrate your Accomplishments

All volunteers and participating agencies are invited to gather for our post-event celebratory party. Enjoy complementary lunch and beverages while celebrating the day's accomplishments and sharing your volunteer experiences of the day.

View project descriptions!

Our large indoor volunteer drop-in site at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder offers multiple projects that may be better suited for families with younger children, people with disabilities and those unable to meet the entire four hour time commitment at a specific project site. Volunteers at Calvary (age 18 and older) are also asked to make a minimum pledge of $20 per participant to participate in I Volunteer! Day

How to Register

Register now to participate in a service project. *Please note that the registration form will require you to enter your top two project choices by Agency Name .*

Each individual participant is required to submit an online Individual Volunteer Registration Form.

If participating as a family, the Primary Family Member should submit a Family Volunteer Registration Form for the entire family.

If participating as a group or team, each team member must fill out an Individual Volunteer Application.

Click here to learn more about participating as a team.

After you register, you will receive an automatically-generated reply thanking you for registering and confirming your participation. In the coming weeks (by April 12 th ) a Volunteer Connection representative/Ambassador will be in touch with you to confirm your project assignment and other project-specific details.

All volunteers raising a minimum pledge of $20 will receive a custom-designed T-shirt, water and light snacks at each project site.

Are you interested in taking on a leadership role? Learn more about serving as an Ambassador.

Watch our video from previous I Volunteer! Days!